Adventures Through Space And My Mind

by Fernando Valdez, Jr.

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Some old songs, some new songs...

Made with the help of my frends.

More on the way.


released December 4, 2016

Big ups to everyone who helped make this album what it is today. I owe a large debt to all my ineffably talented frends who sat there with me in the studio and brought my humble song concepts to life in a way I never expected. Much love and many thanks to:

Nick Scureman of Space Queen Studios, Roger Lokker, Joey Sigmund, Max Vitale, Mike Diahy, Connor Hastings, John Russo, Brian Russo, Mikal from Twenty Seven Sounds Studios, Pat Walsh and the whole SGS Family...

And, of course, thank you to each and every one of you who takes the time out your day to listen to my music - our creations. It really means the world to me to know that people out there are getting some enjoyment out of something that brings me such joy. I love each and everyone of you. ❤

All songs recorded at Space Queen Studios (Brielle, NJ), with the exception of Roshambo which was recorded at Twenty Seven Sounds Studios (Long Branch, NJ)

All vocal tracks recorded at Simply Green Studios (Spring Lake Heights, NJ) with the exception of Roshambo

Words and music by Fernando Valdez, Jr.



all rights reserved


Fernando Valdez, Jr. Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

A traveling poet, hoping to evoke happiness and change in their musical endeavors.

More music on the way...

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Track Name: The Target On My Back (Look Out!)
Oh my god, oh my god, won't you get out my way?
I'm on my way to lake to the bay to stimulate my brain
And I don't care what you say or the tone you take
I've got a one track mind, tell me what can I say
I can't help myself from hitting repeat
Cause I like the catchy lyrics and the funky beat
I write unholy scriptures with a bleeding pen
I sailed around the world to Eden now I'm back again
(Look out!)

Oh my god, oh my god, I'm gonna be late
Did my alarm clock fail or was it in a daze
That I hit the snooze button about thirteen times
I pull on a dirty t-shirt now it's back to the grind
And for eight waking hours I will ask myself
What is this dreary cycle doing for my mental health
One day I'll sport the courage to spread my wings
With my baby by my side conquer the seven seas
(Look out!)

Oh my god, oh my god, where did you stash that bag?
I knew we had it coming when I saw his lights flash
"License, registration, where are the drugs?
I already hate my own life, yours could use some fuckin' up"
Tried to do myself a favor, be polite to the pig
"Hello officer," he said "Cut that shit.
You break the sovereign law this is what you get."
While I smell the Irish whiskey reeking up his breath

(Look out!)
Track Name: Help Me Up
Won't somebody help me up, cause I seem to be drowning off in this cup
Of shame and regret and 99 cent tea, and a shot from the bottle of my dads whiskey
I stole this morning to share with my 'friends', though they never paid me nor the consequence
Can't find a good reason in retrospect, blame it on being young and stupid I guess

And I wasted so much time, bullshitting myself and living a lie
I'm truly happy this is where I belong, you can't solve no problems by writing a song
So let's get fucked up and all hang around, cause the truth's hard to swallow, burns all the way down
But the gin goes smoothly and helps me forget
Another shot for every second guess

I look out and see all that I can be, or at least all the things I wish I could
Like the birds flying up over me, I swear I hear them laughing in between each song
"Look at that fool down on the ground, wishing he was where we are.
If he only knew how bad, I wish I could play the guitar"
See, perception is a funny thing, no matter how you look at it
We all want something we can't have, but I guess that's not really that bad
Spread your wings and learn to fly, or break your legs in the process when you try
If fall down I will pick you up, because I know how it feels to feel like giving up
Yeah, if you fall down I will pick you up, because I know how it feels to feel like giving up

If you fall down I will pick you up, because I know how it feels to feel fucked
Track Name: Roshambo (The Network Cover) (as Performed by Easyfeat)
I don't believe in the apocalypse
I don't believe in the end of time
I don't believe in the solar eclipse
I don't believe in valentines

I don't believe I asked opinion
I don't believe I stretched the truth
I am not looking for a bargain
All I really believe in is you

I don't believe in everything I've read
I don't believe in promises
I don't believe in compromising
My own beliefs inside my head

I don't believe I asked opinion
I don't believe I stretched the truth
I am not looking for a bargain
All I really believe in is you

I don't believe I asked opinion
I don't believe I stretched the truth
I am not looking for a bargain
All I really believe in is you
Track Name: Ikigai (The Adventure Within)
Step up now and I take my place
Just a nameless face joining in the race
Make it through the motions never ask what it's worth
Just another speck of earth, this big ball of dirt
Like a grain of sand coating salty wet feet
Where I belong on a suburban beach
But get dyed by toxins and locked in a jar
And held up on a shelf, now they can call me art

The oceans tides are ruled by the moon
So are the wolves and so are me and you
Tell me what's the difference between beast and men
We are the same but we like to pretend
We're not hopeless trekking through foreign land
It's all a part of someone's master plan
All the answers will be revealed with time
Or they're all around if you'd just open your mind

Everybody's searching for a reason to live
Wanna settle down with a with a kids
But you must first to love yourself
Do this favor for mental health
Cause you'll say you're okay but it still breaks your heart
Though you truly knew how it would end from the start
Guess that's the price you pay for a little more love
Enough to last you til the sun comes up
Track Name: Tell Me Why
Tell me why, do I think with half my brain most of the time
And none of it the rest?
I'll tell you why, I can't ignore this pain that's in my chest
More specifically my heart
I sit on by, and watch it fall apart, it's all my fault
I'm not the man I was, I'm fucking up

Tell me why, do I sit around and waste all of my time
Allowing myself to fall behind,
In every single aspect of my life? Where's my aspiration? Where's my drive?
Well, I smoked it all away I suppose

The song goes on and on, and it goes...

Who am I, to ever go and tell you a lie?
You deserve the very best out of this life
And you know I never went to go and make you cry
It eats away at my soul every time
And I know I broke some promise, but I'm still here today
So come a little close girl, I've got one thing left to say
Let me take you by the hand, don't look the other way
Cause you know that what we have is real and will not fade away
(Not Fade Away)

The song goes on and on, and it goes...