Ikigai (The Adventure Within)

from by Fernando Valdez, Jr.



Step up now and I take my place
Just a nameless face joining in the race
Make it through the motions never ask what it's worth
Just another speck of earth, this big ball of dirt
Like a grain of sand coating salty wet feet
Where I belong on a suburban beach
But get dyed by toxins and locked in a jar
And held up on a shelf, now they can call me art

The oceans tides are ruled by the moon
So are the wolves and so are me and you
Tell me what's the difference between beast and men
We are the same but we like to pretend
We're not hopeless trekking through foreign land
It's all a part of someone's master plan
All the answers will be revealed with time
Or they're all around if you'd just open your mind

Everybody's searching for a reason to live
Wanna settle down with a with a kids
But you must first to love yourself
Do this favor for mental health
Cause you'll say you're okay but it still breaks your heart
Though you truly knew how it would end from the start
Guess that's the price you pay for a little more love
Enough to last you til the sun comes up


from Adventures Through Space And My Mind, released December 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Fernando Valdez, Jr. Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

A traveling poet, hoping to evoke happiness and change in their musical endeavors.

More music on the way...

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