Tell me why, do I think with half my brain most of the time
And none of it the rest?
I'll tell you why, I can't ignore this pain that's in my chest
More specifically my heart
I sit on by, and watch it fall apart, it's all my fault
I'm not the man I was, I'm fucking up

Tell me why, do I sit around and waste all of my time
Allowing myself to fall behind,
In every single aspect of my life? Where's my aspiration? Where's my drive?
Well, I smoked it all away I suppose

The song goes on and on, and it goes...

Who am I, to ever go and tell you a lie?
You deserve the very best out of this life
And you know I never went to go and make you cry
It eats away at my soul every time
And I know I broke some promise, but I'm still here today
So come a little close girl, I've got one thing left to say
Let me take you by the hand, don't look the other way
Cause you know that what we have is real and will not fade away
(Not Fade Away)

The song goes on and on, and it goes...


from Adventures Through Space And My Mind, released December 4, 2016
Roger Lokker - Bass Guitar

Joey Sigmund - Guitar, Backup Vocals, Trumpet

Max Vitale - Banjo

Connor Hastings - Percussion

Fernando Valdez, Jr. - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Nick Scureman - Recording

Pat Walsh - Mixing and Mastering



all rights reserved


Fernando Valdez, Jr. Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

A traveling poet, hoping to evoke happiness and change in their musical endeavors.

More music on the way...

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