The Target On My Back (Look Out​!​)

by Fernando Valdez, Jr.

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Shouts out to funky man Roger Lokker for the rockin' bass-line that carries this groovy tune, and to musical savant Joey Sigmund for a phenomenal performance not only on guitar and vocals, but also for that ever-so-sexy addition of the trumpet, giving the song just what it needed to perfect it. Huge thanks to rest of the guys - Pat, Nick, Mike, and Connor - with whom this song never would have taken on the beautiful form it did without. I'm ecstatic with the end result and very proud of all of us, I hope everyone listening gets the same joy I do every time I play it back. Enjoy.


Oh my god, oh my god, won't you get out my way?
I'm on my way to lake to the bay to stimulate my brain
And I don't care what you say or the tone you take
I've got a one track mind, tell me what can I say
I can't help myself from hitting repeat
Cause I like the catchy lyrics and the funky beat
I write unholy scriptures with a bleeding pen
I sailed around the world to Eden now I'm back again
(Look out!)

Oh my god, oh my god, I'm gonna be late
Did my alarm clock fail or was it in a daze
That I hit the snooze button about thirteen times
I pull on a dirty t-shirt now it's back to the grind
And for eight waking hours I will ask myself
What is this dreary cycle doing for my mental health
One day I'll sport the courage to spread my wings
With my baby by my side conquer the seven seas
(Look out!)

Oh my god, oh my god, where did you stash that bag?
I knew we had it coming when I saw his lights flash
"License, registration, where are the drugs?
I already hate my own life, yours could use some fuckin' up"
Tried to do myself a favor, be polite to the pig
"Hello officer," he said "Cut that shit.
You break the sovereign law this is what you get."
While I smell the Irish whiskey reeking up his breath

(Look out!)


released November 20, 2016
Music and lyrics written by Fernando Valdez, Jr.

Roger Lokker - Low End

Joey Sigmund - Guitar, Backup Vocals, Trumpet

Max Vitale - Guitar

Connor Hastings - Percussion

Mike Diahy - Backup Vocals

Nick Scureman - Mission Control

Pat Walsh - Sonic Engineer

Fernando Valdez, Jr. - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals



all rights reserved


Fernando Valdez, Jr. Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

A traveling poet, hoping to evoke happiness and change in their musical endeavors.

More music on the way...

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